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2021 Iron Maiden Women's Pro/Am

2021 Iron Asylum Powerlifting Meet

2021 Tom Brown Memorial

2021 Beast of the Northeast

2021 Blood In Blood Out

2020 Beasts of New York

2020 War for the Sword 11/7/2020

2020 Summer Beast

2020 Beast of the Northeast

2019 Beasts of New York Meet

2019 Iron Maiden Women's Pro/Am
2019 Hot and Heavy Meet

2019 Iron Asylum Full Power Meet

2019 Heavy Metal Meet
2018 Beasts of NY Meet

2018 Iron Maidens Women's Only Meet

2018 Hot and Heavy Meet

2018 Iron Asylum Full Power
2018 Heavy Metal Drug Free Meet
2017 Beasts of NY Meet

2017 Iron Maiden Women's Only Meet
2017 Hot and Heavy Results

2017 Heavy Metal Drug Free Meet

2017 Iron Asylum Full Power Meet

2016 Beasts of New York Full Power Meet
2016 Hot and Heavy Full Power Meet
2016 Syracuse Strongest Bench at The Blarney Stone
2015 Beasts of New York Results
2015 Syracuse Strongest Results